BUSSE is a small-scale sewage treatment plant that uses a unique membrane (MBR) filtration system that produces clean re-usable water

• Minimal sludge production
• Minimal disposal area needed

BUSSE utilizes a membrane filtration system that enhances wastewater pre-treatment and removes 99% of solids and many pathogens BUSSE’s aerobic biological reactor is a secondary treatment producing rainwater quality effluent that is often recycled


In the pre-treatment stage, biologically degradable coarse material is dissolved, and the non-degradable materials are separated from the wastewater by an aerated sieve. The remaining sludge only needs removal once every 3 - 5 years

After the pre-treated wastewater passes through the microfiltration membranes (MBR) it is pumped to the aeration zone. In this step the organic matter in the wastewater is degraded biologically by micro-organisms and oxygen.

The membranes are ultra-fine filters that eliminate suspended materials including bacteria and other pathogens, ensuring that only completely clear, odorless, hygienically clean water (filtrate) leaves the system for disposal or re-use


BUSSE ’s treated wastewater exceeds the National criteria for “rainwater” quality

BUSSE has been tested by NSF International, and is certified by NSF 40 and 245. BUSSE is the first small scale treatment system that uses MBR technology

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