Our Story

The BUSSE wastewater system was invented and developed by Ralf Peter Busse in 1996 in Leipzig Germany. Though he had over 25 years’ experience as a leading wastewater treatment engineer, he could not service a small property he owned with any conventional septic solution.


Ralph developed the first small scale ‘on-site sewage treatment system that could go above grade in a small area and treat wastewater to a high level of purity that can be disposed into a reduced area or re-purposed

The system he developed brought membrane treatment (MBR) together with an advanced aerobic biological process for the first time

The system can be easily scaled for different size homes or commercial needs

The first BUSSE system was born of necessity. Today there are many operating successfully in the US and around the world.

BUSSE is used to treat difficult sites where conventional septic or other enhanced treatment options just won't work!

BUSSE is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, small, sloped sites, sites with poor perc, coastal areas, or areas with high water tables

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