What happens to the domestic waste water inside a BUSSE system?

The BUSSE system turns domestic waste water into hygienic reusable filtrate for example for flushing the toilets. Due to the high reduction standards which the BUSSE system meets the filtrate can be discharged in sensitive areas and water protection zones. The microfiltration membrane serves as a physical barrier and makes sure that the filtrate can be resused according to DIN 19650 for irrigation.

Are there problems with noise or odor if the BUSSE system is installed in the basement of a house?

No, the system is odor free and is vented via the downpipe of the house. The low noise level is ensured by the use of quiet running compressors.

Which kind of waste water is treated in the BUSSE system?

The complete domestic waste water from the household, including kitchen, bath and toilet is treated in the BUSSE system. Only sanitary items, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or not biodegradable items are not allowed in the system.

Can the BUSSE system be installed outdoors?

No, the system has to be installed in a frost free weather protected room. Ideal is an installation inside a basement room, then the waste water from the house can enter the system by gravity flow. As an alternative the system can also be installed in a garden shed or a garage. The waste water from the house has then to be conveyed by a pumping unit into the system. Another alternative is to install the system compeletey below ground in a polyethylene module that functions as a basement room with an integrated BUSSE system.

I only have a very small doorway as an entrance to my basement. Is there still a way to install the BUSSE system?

Due to it’s modular structure and the fact that the tanks of the system are only 0.75 meters wide the system fits through almost every door. The required height of the room is 2.00 meters, the footprint of the smallest system for a single family house is 1.15 meters x 1.50 meters.

What happens with the BUSSE system if no waste water enters the system for a longer period of time, for example during a 4 week vacation?

This is no problem for the BUSSE system. The automatic unattended mode ensures that the biological capacity of the system remains fully functioning for up to 4 weeks of your vacation.

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