Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has the BusseGT system been in existence?

A. The first two Busse MBR systems were installed in Germany in 1997. The first was installed in the home of the system’s inventor, Ralf-Peter Busse and the second at the Technical University of Berlin. Since that time, the BusseGT has been installed at a rate of between 50-100 units per year in Germany alone and 15 other countries worldwide. There are more than 760 BusseGT systems successfully cleaning water worldwide!

Q. What is the typical life-expectancy for a BusseGT?

A. The BusseGT system has a very long life expectancy. The tanks are either built of fiberglass or as double-walled tanks (polyethylene with a sheet metal frame) that are designed and certified as oil holding tanks. The tanks do not have a limited life span. All other components that are in contact with the wastewater are either made of polyethylene or stainless steel and therefore have a very long life expectancy as well. The electrical components of the system are standard parts and can be easily exchanged should they happen to wear out.

Q. My residence is a “vacation home”. Can my system be turned off when I am not living in the house?

A. Because of the extremely high sludge age and concentration, the system can stay without any input of wastewater for several weeks or even months and have the same high level of performance. To achieve this, the system needs constant connection to power since the microorganisms need oxygen. The system goes in vacation mode automatically if no new waste water comes in then is aerated intermittently, sufficient to keep the aerobic bacteria healthy.  However, if your vacation home is in a northern climate that is subject to winter freezing and the system is not used during in the winter and subjected to freezing, than the BUSSE GT system can be turned off, drained and winterized.. In this case the system is started up in the Spring and the Service Technician will reseed the unit upon start-up.

Q. Can I use a garbage disposal with the BusseGT?

A. The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. As with any septic system, increasing the amount of organic material that leaves the structure (especially undigested food waste) is generally not recommended. Garbage disposals are permitted for use with the BusseGT, but we recommend using disposals with discretion and common sense. For treatment plants like the BusseGT, a garbage disposal is dangerous because small particles may get into the MBR stage of the system and destroy the membranes. The food particles actually plug the coarse matter filter and never get to the membrane!

Q. Can I install a BusseGT for use in a restaurant?

A. The BusseGT system is designed for the cleaning of domestic wastewater only. The amount of grease in a normal household is no problem for the system. Wastewater from a restaurant, cafeteria or hotel has to pass a grease trap first before it can enter the BusseGT system.

Q. Can I use a water softener or filter with the BusseGT?

A. It is not allowed to discharge backwash water from any other filtration systems in the Busse system, such as desalination plants or water softeners.

Q. What is the power requirement to run the BusseGT?

A.The required amperage for circuit of the various Busse MBR models up to 1,000 gpd is 15 A.

Q. Does the BusseGT require regular maintenance?

A. The BusseGT is very low maintenance with minimal servicing required. BusseMaine professionals will periodically inspect the system and all of its components and install reconditioned filters. Annual maintenance costs (after the first 2 years) generally are $500 or less in order to keep the system up to date and functioning at its best.

Q. Does the BusseGT need to be vented?

A. The Busse system can be vented by the plumbing vent stack for the main house (venting over the main drain pipe). It does not require a separate venting pipe.

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