BUSSE Waste Water Treatment

Busse GT Features

The BusseGT Sewage Treatment System is a small-scale sewage treatment system that can be installed in the basement of a house, in a small shed or in an underground tank. The BusseGT is approximately 90% smaller than other disposal fields (currently, only an extremely small drainfield is required beyond the house’s foundation to treat your home’s “graywater” [water generated from sink drains rather than toilets]). The BusseGT Sewage Treatment System can serve dwellings as small as 1-2 bedrooms and facilities with wastewater design flows as large as 5,000 gallons per day. The BusseGT has successfully passed and exceeded the certification process for NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International Standard 40 for residential waste and 245 Nitrogen reduction for the USA and North America in 2008. The BusseGT is the first small scale sewage treatment system with Busse’s unique technology that has been certified by the NSF.

Wastewater Treatment

Small scale sewage treatment system with membrane buoreactor technology.


BusseGT has been approved for use in many New York counties, for use in replacement septic systems. Due to the fact that the wastewater is cleaned to “rainwater quality” standards, a smaller disposal area is allowed for use with the BusseGT.

How It Works

The BusseGT is very low maintenance with minimal servicing required. BUSSE New York professionals will periodically inspect the system and all of its components and install reconditioned filters. Used filters are then reconditioned and to be recycled again and again. Annual maintenance costs (after the first 3 years) generally are $500 or less in order to keep the system up to date and functioning at its best.

The BusseGT is equipped with both acoustic and optical alarms and has a buffer capacity of 24 hours in the unlikely event of an emergency. BusseGT is equipped with an emergency overflow that will allow uninterrupted use of the system until BUSSE New York technicians can arrive to fix the problem (usually a clogged membrane filter). It is possible for the BusseGT to be monitored remotely by BUSSE New York by installing an additional control unit.

Two Step Filtration

The BusseGT utilizes two steps, pre-treatment and aeration to treat the waste generated by your household. The first step is pretreatment. This step serves as wastewater storage, in which biologically degradable coarse material (feces, toilet paper, etc.) is dissolved and the non-dissolving components are separated from the wastewater by an aerated sieve. A pump then pumps the water, from which the coarse material has been separated, to the aeration section of the BusseGT. In this step, the organic matter in the wastewater is biologically degraded by microorganisms and oxygen. In addition to this, the wastewater is treated physically by microfiltration membranes. These membrane filters eliminate any suspended material that remains in the water, as well as any bacteria and germs (The water coming out after the filtration process is 99.7% free of harmful bacteria and viruses). This ensures that only totally clear, odorless and hygienically harmless water leaves the system. The water being filtered for re-use exceeds the National criteria for “rainwater” quality.


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