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Steven Gruber:

A leading ecological waste-water treatment consultant, Mr Gruber’s has over 25 years background in green building, land development and ecological treatment technologies. Recognizing the importance and value of sustainability and green water treatment infrastructure in de-centralized communities, he created Renewage and has partnered with leading technology developers, engineers, scientists, planners and others in the field. Mr Gruber has developed large waste-water and stormwater treatment projects in the Hudson Valley, and other areas. Mr. Gruber is one of the foremost authorities on these applications for both residential and commercial uses. He is thrilled to be working with the Busse, the most advanced treatment system of it’s kind in New York State.

Frederick Lambiase:

President of the respected architectural firm, Lambiase Design has, since 1985, and has been based in The Hamptons area of Suffolk County NY, one of America’s most celebrated communities covering a vast rural area. His experience in creating admired new buildings, commercial and residential, and updating classic residences in rural and coastal terrains, equips him uniquely for his pioneering of Busse as the smart alternative treatment technology. He is one of the leading authorities on the design and installation of green water treatment technologies and their practical application in creative and sustainable land use.

Ralf-Peter Busse:

Ralf-Peter Busse is the inventor and owner of Busse GmbH Germany, the company that developed the Busse system. Mr. Busse has more than 25 years of experience in the field wastewater treatment systems, and as a result of his extensive real-world know-how he was able to conceive of the membrane activated sludge treatment process for the treatment of on-site wastewater that has become the BusseGT. Mr. Busse has installed more than 760 Busse systems in 16 countries around the globe. New BusseGT systems are being utilized at a rate of between 50 and 100 per year in the country of Germany alone!

Ingo F. Schaefer:

Ingo F. Schaefer is the CEO of Busse Green Technologies Inc. USA a division of Busse Inovative Systeme GmBH of Leipzig Germany the manufacturer of the Busse GT system. The system is a small high technology sewage treatment system for homes and small businesses based on membrane-bioreactor technology. Mr. Schaefer holds a BA German, Science, and Mathematics from the University of Illinois Chicago and an MBA from Dominican University. Mr. Schaefer has 25 years of management positions in the steel industry with purchasing and technical sales. In 2001 Mr. Schaefer and Mr. Ralf-Peter Busse started their initial collaboration to analyze the US market. Mr. Schaefer worked closely with NSF and the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center to obtain NSF 40 and 245 certifications for the Busse GT in 2008. That same year Busse Green Technologies Inc. was incorporated to market the Busse GT system in the US. Today Mr. Schaefer has gotten approvals for the system in numerous states. He continues to work with approval bodies throughout the US as well as pursuing NSF 350 water reuse approval.

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